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The games we play as children are rehearsals for the roles we play in life. Traditional toys for girls nurture homemaker stereotypes, simulating traditional domestic roles through play. In these photographs, I am exploring the possibility of the same staging taking place with the prolific, but publicly hidden occupation of prostitution. By constructing these scenes in miniature, I project representations of the sex industry onto the medium of the conventional dollhouse. As polar opposites, the homemaker and the sex worker are highly constructed and restrictive roles, the most deeply-rooted myths of the feminine.
Pieced together from many sources of representation these constructed spaces can be peered-into and examined.

"For her 2006 series, Play, she reconstructs a brothel, a strip club and other sex trade sites in dollhouse scale, then photographs and enlarges those scenes.
Eisen’s settings range from the lurid, like a sparkly-bedspreaded, mirror-walled room, to the bare bones, like a dingy sunken-mattress, wrung-out-washrag affair. In all cases, Eisen fascinates with sheer meticulousness. Bowls of condoms, rows of fetish footwear, piles of porn mags and side tables of toys, lube and egg timers are all convincingly miniaturized …
Overall, the photos give a sense of these places as schizophrenic sites for both far-out fantasy and cold commerce, for potential ecstasy and possible exploitation.”

All Eyes on Eisen by Leah Sandals, NOW Magazine

1. Parlour

2. Stage

3. Red Room

4. Blue Room

5. Girlie Room

6. Toy Room

7. Back Room

8. House Rules

My project from 2006

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Leanne Eisen

Leanne Eisen - inktest #2 blot, verso, recto

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Leanne Eisen